13 Aprile 2008

Project “AIDS: l’incontro tra l’offerta dei servizi socio-sanitari e la domanda della popolazione immigrata”

    Project “AIDS: l’incontro tra l’offerta dei servizi socio-sanitari e la domanda della popolazione immigrata”

    Provincia di Roma           

    The Codacons, under the project “AIDS: l’incontro tra l’offerta dei servizi socio-sanitari e la domanda della popolazione immigrata” focused the attention on the socio-health professionals who work within the structures and on its users and in particular, on the migrant population.
    The initiative, in particular, has, first, measured the ability of users to the perception of the disease.
    From monitoring, it appears that not all foreign users are able to perceive the risk of the disease, although, according to the statistics, cases of AIDS are not decreased but stabilized over time.
    The project has also started a monitoring availability of services in the area and investigations indicate that the immigrant population faces daily problems, from a practical point of view, represent a limitation to access to health services.
    Nevertheless, efforts to improve the accessibility of health services and access to the facilities of the National Health Service (NHS) in order to protect and monitor the health of immigrants, although the focus is more and especially to immigrants who live in a stable manner in the province of Rome for many years.
    With regard, however, the analysis of regional needs in terms of AIDS, it appears that health policies and regulatory provisions in force, attempted to remove the barriers to legal and economic power in order to ensure public health, starting the rehabilitation of the health of all immigrants that, to date, at the margins of the system and in terms of economic, cultural and social vulnerabilities.
    Nevertheless, at present, the same organizations structured, have failed fully to achieve these objectives and accessibility to public health services, is still fragile and of significant weaknesses in addressing the needs and spatial requirements.
    The project, among the activities planned, conducted a survey on-line desk on socio-sanitary structures and activities in the field of AIDS through an analysis of websites.
    This research has made it possible to create a mapping of existing guidance in the province of Rome.
    A first approach may show that, unfortunately, only some of those facilities have a dedicated support network and public forums on the Roman province, while counting the frequency of cases of disease is particularly alarming, are insufficient to cover the large application for intervention.
    Promote access to services for diagnosis and treatment, means contributing to the prevention of HIV infection and AIDS.
    The project has also initiated an investigation on qualitative socio-health. The survey was conducted through interviews aimed at socio-health to understand the experience and the experiences of operators, identifying the perceived needs of users through interviews conducted by a doctor, clinical psychologist.
    To this end, the Codacons, has produced two questionnaires addressed to the socio-health and immigrant populations.
    The questionnaires addressed to the socio – health consist of 13 multiple choice questions, anonymously and from which relevant evidence.
    According to data reported from surveys, it is evident that although the disease is a widespread problem in our country, the few facilities able to fill only the most important gaps.
    It is true that the social and health facilities on our territory, while being a valuable contribution to effectively identify the disease and medical treatment more effective, requiring an organizational unit, made with special courses and refresher courses aimed at medical and paramedical staff.
    The project has, through questionaries in an anonymous and consist of 13 multiple choice questions, administered by qualified personnel in a specific investigation on the population of immigrants.
    The research attempted to understand the experiences of the immigrant population in order and illegal immigration on AIDS and dedicated.
    The data confirm that a significant proportion of the immigrant population, permanently present in our country for years has been excluded from the possibility of gaining access to social and health services.
    The phenomenon of immigrant prostitution, is the most important factor estimated from the questionaries, the lack of information and the precarious health training for professionals to address issues of social, cultural and psychological aspects of mainly immigrant population, inevitably inconvenience into the delicate subject.
    This finding requires further and possibly improve the dissemination and risk communication.
    AIDS, in fact, we can curb the powerful new therapies, but the epidemic can be overcome only through the information and the adoption of appropriate behavior.
    The project: “AIDS: l’incontro tra l’offerta dei servizi socio-sanitari e la domanda della popolazione immigrata” the encounter between the supply of social and health services and the demand of the immigrant population was approved by management No determination 23 of 12 November 2007 (RU6912, 12 November 2007) and funded by the Province of Rome.


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