24 Marzo 2004

Italien ruft zum Boykott argentinischer waren auf.

    Italien ruft zum Boykott argentinischer waren auf.


    The convoking organization, Codacons, indicated that the measurement
    has by objective that Argentina reimburses “the 14,000 million euros
    invested by the Italians in bonds“ in situation of “default“.

    According to it informs agency ANSA, the organization invited the
    Italian consumers “to turn aside his elections on analogous goods, but
    of different origin, and to control the labels of products sold in the
    diverse supermarkets“.

    The same call was sent by the association to the importers, so that
    “they choose to suppliers of countries that are not Argentina“.

    “This way, it will be possible to send a strong signal to the
    government of Néstor Kirchner, to cause that they understand that the
    ahorristas are tired of the promises of reimbursement of bonds
    nonmaintained and that after negotiations that did not arrive at any
    side, now we want concrete results“, said the president of Codacons
    today, Frame Maria Donzelli.

    The director said that the boycott aims against nourishing products,
    like meat, fish, came, honey, fruit and cheese; airline companies,
    tours, Argentine restaurants and schools of opened tango of Argentine
    nationality in Italy.

    The proposal of the Codacons, organization that glides to leave to
    dispute legislative positions in the next Italian elections, was made
    hours public before the Argentine government begins to engage in a
    dialog with the bond possesors in situation of “default“.

    The Ministry of Economy will tomorrow receive to three groups of
    creditors deprived of Argentina in the beginning of a series of
    meetings anticipated with different groups from tendientes ahorristas
    to reorganize the debt of 88,000 million dollars in cessation of

    The minister of Economy, Lavagna Robert, advanced yesterday that first
    of the meetings with the creditors of the national debt in cessation
    of payments he will be with the Union of Administrators of Bottoms of
    Retirements and Pensiones (UAFJP).

    In a press conference that offered in the Palace of Property, Lavagna
    maintained that “the first meeting is going to be day 25 with the
    Union of the AFJP“, and confirmed that the official idea is to
    consensuar a proposal for the creditors “between May ends and June“.

    Source official and prevailed advanced that Thursday will be of the
    game in addition the Association to Ahorristas of the Argentine
    Republic and the Association of Victims by the Pesificación and the

    These three associations reunite around 38,000 million dollars in
    titles, 20,000 million are only into the hands of the AFJP, and its
    acceptance of the reorganization plan is considered “central“ by

    The encounter will follow during the month of April with groups of
    possesors of Germany, the United States, Italy, Switzerland and Japan.


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