3 Giugno 2015

Il sobrio Mattarella si ritrova il Quirinale invaso dalle auto blu

The sober Mattarella finds himself the Quirinale invaded by blue cars

B andes, orchestras, marches, sprawled families, cheerful bivouacs under the palm trees. Francesca, 16, with ripped jeans and hair wigs shaved to the side, after having chased him for a long time in the gardens and having folded up for a photo with a long-haired cuirassier, in the end his beautiful selfie with the president manages to do it. Sergio Mattarella smiles poorly. He seems a little tired, but he is happy, at ease in this party with a popular flavor, caciarona but spontaneous, so different from the plastered official reception of the night before. “Today is a really beautiful day.” He is in such a good mood that he hopes for “a better atmosphere for reforms after the elections”. Monday was worse. The Quirinale besieged by blue cars, as in the First Republic. Trampled by the raised wedges by Lilli Gruber, by the golden pointy shoes by Irene Pivetti, by the boots by Antonello Venditti and by the red heels 12 of Maria Elena Boschi. Invaded by industrialists, actors, grand commis and ministers. Many politicians, no leading leaders: Renzi, Berlusconi, Salvini and Grillo remained at home. On the other hand, to the delight of frugal Mattarella, there was an army of greasepaint, wigs, dresses, necklines, zebras, panthers. Dwarfs and dancers, Fellini masks, kitsch in power. Given the economic crisis, Giorgio Napolitano had decided to abolish the cocktail. Restoring it after three years, with all its baroque and ancien régime rituals, was perhaps not a great idea. The Codacons protest. “Italian citizens have the right to know how much the celebrations for June 2 cost – says the president of the organization Carlo Rienzi -. Government and Quirinale must present a detailed account of the expenses incurred “. Mattarella won’t like it. As perhaps he didn’t like the greeting ceremony either. The head of state, showing good health and excellent resistance, was forced to stand for almost two hours in front of the Coffee House to shake hands more or less known, more or less important, of guests who endured an hour and a quarter in a row to be admitted before him. They proceeded slowly, he patient had a word for everyone. Maybe he had to take inspiration from his predecessor, who after so many years on the Hill knows how things work. In fact, while the boys of some hotel schools offered Italian finger food and sparkling wines, an alternative queue was formed in front of Re Giorgio. Napolitano, however, remained seated, inviting those who wanted to greet him to take his place at his table. In turn, one got up and one sat down. In short, better on June 2, true. The crown to the Unknown Soldier, the tricolor arrows, the parade at the Forums and the 15 thousand cheering citizens swarming the gardens. Mattarella applauds, stops to talk, gets photographed, collects the incitements. “Good job”, “save Italy”, “continue with honesty”. Then announces the opening of the whole Colle to the public from 23 June, also the boardrooms, even those used every day for meetings and gatherings. And at the end of the day he takes a look at the political building again. Enough with the exasperated quarrels, he asked Monday, because they bring mistrust and absenteeism. It does not seem that they paid any attention to him, but he hopes that, after the election excitement, the parties will return to reason. «The path of reforms is being examined by the Chambers, which will choose forms and contents. I hope less tension. Parliamentary confrontation is a high moment, which is expressed at the highest levels when it is peaceful, composed and correct. This does not take anything away from the liveliness of political positions, from the depth of consensus and dissent ».

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